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Stable Dad 101: Begin Your Journey to Nervous System Regulation (email mini-course)

Whether you’ve heard Matthew talk about his personal experience with nervous system regulation on a podcast or in an article, or you just stumbled across this, we urge you to sign up.

Being a dad can be very hard on your nervous system.

Time is tight.

You need the most effective tools to stabilize so you can show up for yourself and your family and make better decisions every day.

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Project Rad Dad — limited series podcast

Listen to Matthew and other everyday fathers modeling what conversations between dads are like in a support group setting.

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Alexandra & the Moon (forthcoming book)

Matthew’s next book, Alexandra & the Moon, is a story for mindful fathers raising spirited daughters.

He’s currently working to complete the illustrations before publishing.

Through this very personal tale, fathers will find validation, encouragement, and inspiration to become more emotionally resilient for themselves and their families.

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