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  • Looking Where You Want to Go

    Looking Where You Want to Go

    With all we find disagreeable in the world, it’s tempting to only push against what we DON’T want while forgetting what it is we DO want. Our efforts can become just about blaming others instead of focusing on what we want to create. In this essay, I share some personal experiences about making a shift from…

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  • Taking Off the 1-Dimensional Glasses

    Taking Off the 1-Dimensional Glasses

    The divisive mindset is one that puts people into groups in our minds and either condemns them or praises them for simply being in those groups. This is not a mindset that is unique to any one group right now—it is rampant among, and within, all of us. For this reason, I write to the…

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  • Resisting Hate

    Resisting Hate

    As I explore demonizing in myself and others, I have noticed an odd phenomena occurring in conversations, especially those of a political nature. I notice my own tendency to condemn hate that I have witnessed in a political figure, which is followed by my own version of hate for that very figure. In essence, I…

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