Here are some great ways to learn more about communicating effectively beyond differences of perspective or opinion. These resources have been added based on my own personal inspiration and what I’ve had first-hand experience with:

Read Crucial Conversations:
Explores the inner game as well as the language-framing that allows people to talk about charged topics without damaging their relationship.


Read Daring Greatly:
Brene Brown dives into living in alignment with the reality of our vulnerability, complete with stories about how she has failed and succeeded at letting her guard down to connect with others.

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Under the name, Peace on the Inside, Karen provides daily inspiration on the topic of nonviolence and the value of every human being.


Join a men’s or women’s group:
I mentioned being in a men’s group for over 6 yrs in my bio. This particular group had a facilitator (a psychotherapist in the Bay Area) who guided the group to drop our masks and be real with each other. Start with a search online or ask for recommendations from people in your area. For men, check out the Mankind Project.

Take the Come Alive course at The Haven:

This organization set out to address polarization in communities using group work to help strangers engage with one another in what they call “self-responsible relational living.” Their main course is Come Alive, and takes place on an island near Vancouver in Canada (Transparency note: while The Haven is a former client of mine in my work with Soulful Brand I have experienced their coursework first-hand).

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I’ll be saying more about the topic of overcoming the habits of demonizing in order to build more effective relationships with those around us. And at some point, I’ll be letting folks know when my graphic novel on this topic is becoming available.

Hire a Life Coach:

If joining a group feels a bit scary, consider hiring a coach to help you navigate your inner landscape as it relates to your style of communication and the resulting quality of your relationships (NOTE: I’m linking here to my coaching school website which is one of many options for finding someone right for you).

Study what the Metta Center for Nonviolence is sharing:

Michael Nagler started this organization to teach the average citizen how to learn and employ the nonviolent teachings of Ghandi. Also, consider Nagler’s book, The Search for a Nonviolent Future.