Tulie’s Garden is my personal exploration of what it means to be male—especially as it relates to emotional vulnerability and authenticity. In other words, how I would hide and what I didn’t want others to know about me.

The graphic novel, complete with 48 of my own illustrations, chronicles the ongoing process of my self-identity and self-realization. It’s intended as a meditation space for others to engage with their own explorations and to provide gentle, affirmative guidance through the journey from boyhood to manhood.

bill-kauth“Young men may track this path, discover their own trajectory and take heart. With this gift of guidance they may just find the soul poetry of worthy masculinity.”

Bill Kauth /
co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure of The Mankind Project and author of ‘A Circle of Men’ and ‘We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community’

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rich-dutra-st-john“It is a road map for every man seeking connection and full expression. I couldn’t put it down.”

Rich Dutra-St John MA MFT /
co-author of ‘Be the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For’, co-founder of Challenge Day & the Be the Change Movement

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“A book for the male seeking to connect with his dark side and the denied part of his authentic self.”

Herb Goldberg, PhD /
Licensed Psychologist
and author of ‘The Hazards of Being Male’

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“Tulie’s Garden is a creative, fascinating look at one man’s journey of healing. It’s raw, real and a must read.”

Nick Ortner /
Executive Producer, ‘The Tapping Solution’ documentary

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boysen-hodgsen“If my dad had handed this book to me, I would have known that I wasn’t alone. I believe that many men, of any age, will see aspects of their own personal journey in these pages, hauntingly laid out in a form that walks the line between picture book and graphic novel.”

Boysen Hodgsen /
Mankind Project Journal

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esther-bushell“A rare little treasure.”

Esther Bushell /
Literary Matters



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