Alexandra & the Moon

a story for mindful fathers raising spirited daughters

written & illustrated by Matthew Sloane


Roger believes in the power of personal development and wants to give his family the best version of himself. But when he and his four-year-old daughter, Alexandra, attempt to get back home after the threat of forest fires, his stress levels intensify. From triggering one another and seeking connection and understanding, Roger must face what lies beneath his anger or risk teaching his daughter that her own anger is something to fear.

What to expect within the book:

  • 98 illustrations (imagery from both the father’s and daughter’s perspectives).
  • A short story in which both the father and daughter take a small and complementary step on their own growth paths.
  • Bits of useful fatherhood wisdom, from various characters including mindset shifts, examples of vulnerable repair-type conversations, and a physical practice to de-escalate a sticky situation.
Why I wrote this book:
  • Sadly, I get caught in power struggles with my young daughter. All the time. And I’ve been learning how to manage my part.
  • Healthy father models are scarce when it comes to repairing the challenging power struggles.
  • Candid views from within a thoughtful, and struggling, father can be validating for today’s dads (and give those who love and support dads some insight into those dads).
  • Fathers have a lot to offer each other.

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